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Robert Link: June 14, 2008, 08:26 (UTC-7)

Suggest we keep this a top-posting discussion page and offer this post as suggested models for formatting. Time stamp is manually created.

For community building, I am using a great tool that you may want to consider: eCairn The service provides a way to do delicious-type bookmarking of blogs, with the additional feature that you can then easily and collaboratively track the post and discussions from these bloggers, plus if needed contact them directly via their LinkedIn? profile or Facebook profile. Another way to look at it is as a Google Reader for groups. Note that this could be an easy way to also get the Coco blog constantly fed from what the bloggers are saying, all we have to do is syndicate the existing post that are interesting from the eCairn project. I have no doubt that there is enough experts out there to keep the content flowing. I have created a "CooperationCommons?" project in the service, and if you are interested in taking a look I can invite you, just contact me so that I create an account for you.

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