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August 21, 2008

Outreach List

The above link will take you to a page where you can let the rest of the group know about any outreach you have done so far. The goal is to prevent duplication of effort and possible annoyance of contacts through inadvertent multiple inquiries.

Outreach Letter Sample

Dear XXX,

I'm writing to introduce you to Cooperation Commons, a project originally started by Howard Rheingold and Institute of the Future with, among other things, the goal of establishing a curriculum in what might best be titled "Cooperation Studies." Part of this process has included identifying research which would be part of the curriculum, and this, in turn, has led us to you by way of your work (title/location, i.e., "Cooperating Widgets" at SSRN).

I also want to invite you to visit the Cooperation Commons Wiki ( where you can see existing syllabi and other aspects of the work in progress. (Editing the wiki is password protected as an anti-spam measure. If you reply to this email I will happily send you the password.)

Another aspect of our work involves searching for a host department at some institution to take on the curriculum once it is developed. If you have any suggestions along those lines we would be much obliged to hear them, along with any other feedback you might have on our project.

In closing, let me point you to a 15 minute video comprised of highlights from a Standford Humanities Lab lecture series. This is probably the best overview of what CoCo is about. The shortened url is:

All the best,

Robert Link

Proposed Recipients






Media (social media etc)

Outreach Ideas

  1. Facilitating invited speaker sessions - see CoCo Room: online conference
  2. Coordinating bloggin efforts

Inreach Ideas

  1. Encouraging and stimulating the creation of splinter interest groups/rooms
  2. "Call To All List Members: please read this message"
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